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As 80% of the equipment manufacturing industry machinery industry, to seriously implement the "equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization of planning", further promote the enterprises as the main body, market oriented, the combination of independent innovation, relying on the national key construction projects, improve major technical equipment and high technology and manufacture level.

"In 2009, as the country issued a series of policy measures and the equipment manufacturing industry, automobile industry adjustment and revitalization of planning implement gradually, expanding domestic demand market, this not only promoted the mechanical industry continues to rise, but also promote the optimization of product structure and industry independent innovation." Recently, the China machinery industry federation, executive vice President of Cai Weici, said in an interview with reporters.

A series of data confirms this point.

"The first eight months of 2009, machinery industrial output grew by 13.39% year on year, new products have higher gross value of industrial output growth of 3.69% over the same." Cai Weici said. "this shows that mechanical industrial independent innovation and technological progress under the pull of the domestic market, tend to be more active again."

Equipment industry, meanwhile, the continuing growth of investment in fixed assets, also shows that the increase in mechanical industry independent innovation strength. According to statistics, in October 1, 2009, China's machinery industry fixed asset investment growth 39.2%, higher than the national urban fixed asset investment growth rate of 6.1%. From the investment structure, equipment industrial reconstruction projects of investment growth is faster to new projects, suggests that enterprises pay more attention to strengthen the technological transformation.

"Relying on the national key construction projects, large-scale self-independence of major technical equipment", "by increasing the financial input in technological transformation, the enhancement enterprise's capacity for independent innovation, significantly raise the level of basic accessories and basic process", is in the equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization of planning "about the important content of independent innovation. To promote the development of high-end large castings and forgings, has related department to set up a joint has "self-independence of large castings and forgings coordinate group", to coordinate large castings and forgings generic technology research and industrialization as well as the implementation of policies and measures.

"The next step, we will focus on five aspects of work."

Cai Weici said, "it is adhering to the enterprise as the main body, the market as the guidance, the combination of the development road of independent innovation, accelerate the raise the level of democracy development manufacturing; 2 it is to focus on the following major technical equipment, high-grade CNC machine tools and other iconic products of independent innovation work, laying solid foundation key and basic technology innovation base; three is the national level, industry engineering r&d center, laboratory as the backbone, popularize development industry common technology development alliance, set up industry independent innovation system and play a role as soon as possible; 4 it is to use it in a good state support policy, vigorously strengthen the original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion and absorption ability to create new, strive to break through the key technology to industrial transformation and upgrading, speed up the push by China machinery industry technology imitation, tracking to technology innovation, technology integration, equipment by confined to perfection into high-grade, leading technology and equipment; fifth, innovation product, innovation process, create more advanced mechanical equipment, continuously improve the specialized major technical equipment, high technology and manufacture level."

According to Cai Weici by China machinery industry federation has compiled the accelerate the implementation of the equipment manufacturing industry, automobile industry adjustment and revitalization of planning guidance, will be comprehensively improve the level of major equipment and autonomous, vigorously strengthen the foundation supporting capacity, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, promote the development of change of the pattern put forward specific measures, to promote industrial machinery achieve sustained steady and rapid growth.