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Improve the quality and innovation ability

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First two months of 2014, the speed reducer of the industrial enterprises above designated size industrial added value growth rate higher than the same period last year, but also higher than the national industrial level. Reducer industry association in China monthly statistics of 64 kinds of products, there are 42 products production rose; 65.63 report of all varieties of products.

At present, China's rapid economic development of enterprise scale, technology level, product quality has made significant progress, but the speed reducer is that foreign manufacturers industry still has certain gap, compared with some data of the survey we can see it clearly. Reducer industry in China, two important problems to discuss with you about below.

First, China's reducer reliability problems

Questions about the reliability of the reducer industry in China is already a cliche. 80 respondents in the survey, think that domestic machinery accessories products compared with foreign brand reducer products main disadvantage is the product of poor reliability. Indeed, reducer in China compared with foreign advanced level, poor reliability too far, especially the transmission parts, hydraulic components, electrical components, such as greatest difference, often appear damage, fracture, wear, and so on and so forth.

Second, the technical innovation ability

Accounts for the vast majority of the 62 respondents agree that the current main problems restricting the development of reducer industry in China is the technology innovation problem. Actual situation as investigation, deceleration machine industry in China the number is considerable, the vast majority of the weaker, basically do not have independent technological innovation ability, therefore copying, imitation has become a major means of developing products. A product has just been released is not yet mature, other similar products have proliferated. So the same products, low level repeated investment, redundant construction, the effect is very need to host enterprise have high technological content of products, or can't do, to foreign companies. And low technology content products is a large number of surplus, vicious competition, sales in the industry as a whole reducer, and it is for this reason, a big drop in profits greatly restrict the development of reducer industry in China.

How can better change this end, need more to search, we grope, increase the company's own innovation ability, can guarantee the quality of products at the same time, reduce costs is an important means, in the future will certainly become a reducer of green environmental protection industry development trend, in such circumstances, we must to such a big environment atmosphere.