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Higher energy prices industry profits

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Hexi hedong three years, three years.

In a couple of years ago, due to the upstream energy prices higher, with profits shrinking downstream manufacturing enterprises. Now, with the upstream commodity prices, the downstream manufacturing corporate profits are better obviously.

Guangdong province bureau of statistics recently released figures showing that in the first quarter of 2014, guangdong industrial enterprises above designated size total profit of 113.537 billion yuan, up 26.7% from a year earlier, the growth of 19.2% higher than that of 1 ~ 2 months, 16.6% higher than the national average.

From the industry, in 40 industry statistics, in the first quarter of guangdong with 33 industry profit year-on-year growth, growth of 82.5%. New profits are mainly concentrated in four sectors, among them, computer, communications, and other electronic equipment manufacturing year-on-year increase in profit is 7.092 billion yuan, an increase of 60.0%, year-on-year increase in profit is 4.583 billion yuan, car manufacturing growth of 68.6%, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing year-on-year increase in profit is 2.672 billion yuan, an increase of 35.9%.

Profits rose one big reason is the main business revenue growth, but the cost down. Bureau of guangdong province is introduced, in the first quarter, more than the entire province scale advocate business wu income grew by 7.7% year on year, growth is 1.7% higher than that of 1 ~ 2 months; Cost 85.32 yuan per one hundred yuan of main business income, fell to 0.36 yuan, equivalent to increase the profits of more than 80 one hundred million yuan.

Reduced costs, largely because of the cost of the raw material. According to the national bureau of statistics, march industrial producers in the purchase price, non-ferrous metal materials and wire prices fell 7.4% year on year, black metal materials prices fell by 5.2%, fuel power prices fell by 3.1%, chemical lead prices fell by 2.6%.

"Now China's macro economy and the overall lack of demand, supply." Guizhou government adviser, director of the institute, guizhou academy of economic Hu Xiaodeng analysis on "first financial daily" type of resources, energy industry is in a fluctuation curve of the bottom, and the downstream manufacturing market demand is relatively stable. "Upstream product prices, for the downstream manufacturing is certainly a positive, because the cost/benefit ratio increased."

Price decline in profits rising at the same time, drive the downstream industry has led to lower the energy chemical industry upstream.

According to the national bureau of statistics, because of lack of demand, prices fall, 1 ~ 3 months, coal mining and washing industry profits fell 41.2% year on year, a 19.9% drop in black metal smelting and rolling processing industry, non-ferrous metal CaiXuanYe fell by 15.6%, a 13.6% drop in non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry, oil and gas industry fell by 6.3%, 5 total industry profits fell 39.46 billion yuan, down 17.7%.

According to media reports, in the first quarter of large coal enterprises KuiSunMian has expanded to 44.4%. "Sell a ton of coal earns less than six blocks, even can't afford to buy two bottles of drinks, some enterprises even produce a ton of coal loss of more than 20 dollars, many firms are discontinued."

From fujian, ger, the first class mining machinery equipment business Lin Hui said, as the production of coal mine production in these two years mining equipment market is more and more small, earlier this year he decided to leave his job in Inner Mongolia for many years.

The energy in chemical production of the provinces inhabited largely by the impact is quite big. In heilongjiang province as a big province of the energy industry and energy industry proportion is very high, but in the first quarter of the energy industry growth is negative for the first time, 2.2%. Which accounts for about 50% of the industrial in daqing oil field for many years never had the added value of negative growth.

Reflects on the economic growth, heilongjiang in the first quarter GDP growth of only 4.1%, only 4.2% of hebei, Shanxi Province, coal and only 5.5%, over the past ten years has led the national growth of Inner Mongolia is only 7.3%, lower than the national average.

Hu Xiaodeng said, the current situation of the loss of downstream earn is not absolute. "Two or three years maybe it's a rebirth or three to five years." Energy under the effect of market rules, the upstream raw material prices decline, would lead to withdrawal of capital, reduce production, in the future as demand stabilizing, prices could rebound again.

, he thinks, for energy chemical industry the main provinces in the upstream industry downturn, try to adjust their industrial structure is given priority to with the energy of a single, plump and its industrial chain, strengthen the part to build a new pillar industry and leading industry, break the restriction of the traditional single resources industry.