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Electromagnetic brake notice those things?

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A, foreign body: friction surface with no debris. Oil mixed with yield low friction, dust and metal particles, can make the friction plate or rotary body damage. With chemicals is the main reason for the rust and corrosion. Please note above, if necessary, with the protection cover.

Second, humidity and water droplets, electromagnetic brake and electromagnetic clutch friction surface if there is water, there will be friction before its completely dry low phenomenon, is the product of the main causes of corrosion and moisture, please pay full attention to.

Three, ventilation: because of the electromagnetic brake, electromagnetic clutch friction heat spread to outside, so you want to install in ventilated place. When used in ventilation cooling bad situation, combined with the second attention please, if necessary with forced air cooling.

Four, highest speed, electromagnetic brake and the allowable speed electromagnetic clutch. Specific see various types of electromagnetic brake and clutch parameter list. Determined by the friction surface top speed. If more than this speed to use, will lead to can't produce the rated torque, deformation occurred abnormal wear or overheating.

Five, temperature, electromagnetic brake and electromagnetic clutch for class B insulation, 40 ° C, the normal temperature rise limit working temperature of heat balance when not allowed more than 100 ° C, otherwise the coil and the friction parts are prone to damage.