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Geared motor five protection measures

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Geared motor I think we are not a bit strange, it is applied to different parts of our lives. Geared motor is one of the main power reduction drive set of industrial and agricultural production, but in the daily operation of gear reduction motor malfunction or for other reasons were destroyed is a very common thing. Today we have to remind in order to avoid this problem, we technical protection measures are taken in front of the machine, we concluded that the five strokes:

1. To keep the gear motor working current big though. Motor due to overload, low voltage or is driven mechanical binding, etc can cause motor overload running. In the run, therefore, should pay attention to regularly check transmission device is flexible and reliable operation; If even the concentricity of shaft standards; The flexibility of gear transmission, etc., if discover card lag phenomenon, should immediately stop running again after troubleshooting.

2. The periodical inspection and maintenance to gear deceleration motor control equipment, ensure the normal work. The stand or fall of motor control equipment technical conditions, to the normal boot plays a decisive role of the motor. So, motor control equipment should be located in the position of the drying, ventilation, and easy operation, and dust collection on a regular basis. Often check contactor contact, coil, iron core, all wiring screws and so on are reliable, the mechanical parts movement is flexible, to keep its good technical status, so as to ensure the motor work smoothly without being burned.

3. Always check the operation of the gear reduction motor temperature and the temperature rise is too high. Often should check whether the motor bearing is overheating, lack of oil, if found near the bearing temperature rise too high, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check. Bearings of rolling element and raceway surface crack, scratch or damage, the bearing clearance is too large, the inner ring on the shaft rotation, etc. This phenomenon, must update the bearings.

4. Speak hygiene, geared motor in operation, if there is dust, tar and other debris into the internal, will form a short-circuit medium, can damage the conductor insulation, cause the turn-to-turn short circuit, current, temperature and burning motor. Therefore, we should prevent the dust, tar and other debris entering the motor, but also often to the external cleaning of the motor, don't let the noise of motor cooling reinforced with dust and other sundry, to ensure the heat dissipation of the motor is in good condition.

5. Check the anchor bolt, the motor end cover, bearing gland is loose, such as grounding device is reliable and so on. If discover motor vibration and noise increase and peculiar smell, must stop as soon as possible, find out reason for troubleshooting.